Lana Garland is the Executive Producer of Insibah Media (USA). She is a seasoned Writer, Producer, Director, and Creative Director who has worked internationally in television, film, and live productions. She started her career in on-­‐air promotions, creating promotional campaigns, commercials and news segments for cable television networks such as HBO. She also served as Senor Creative Director for BET television network where her department garnered industry praise and recognition. In 2007, she introduced corporate video production to TV2 Denmark.

Lana is the New Media consultant for a team of educators who are collaborating to create a distance-­‐learning course between North Carolina Central University, The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, Sibelius Academy of Finland, and the University of South Africa. This project is funded by the SUNY COIL (State University of New York Collaborative Online International Learning) program.

In documentary filmmaking, she was a producer on RED HOT + COOL, a PBS documentary that features hip-­‐hop and jazz artists who address the inner city AIDS epidemic. Lana also served as an archivist for Michael Moore on the Academy Award-­‐winning documentary Bowling for Columbine; a searing look at America’s love affair with guns. She was an associate producer on the HBO documentary Unchained Memories where actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Don Cheadle, and more read from the Slave Narratives.

In the area of live events, Lana has written, directed, and produced for one of the fashion industry’s top honors, the Michael Awards. She directed Blues Women; a multi-­‐media live performance at Aaron Davis Hall in New York City, which paid tribute to the female progenitors of the blues. For many years she conceived and produced the video packages for NAMIC’s Vision Awards, which honors diversity in cable programming.